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Guestbook | Kent Goodson Music


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24 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Donnie Hendrix says:

    I really like that song ‘Trouble In San Antone’. Writing, Playing, and Singing

  2. Margaret Brown says:

    Good picture, Kent!

  3. Kai says:

    Some really good playing here 🙂

  4. Earl Hensley says:

    Kent, sorry about you leaving George, but sometimes the lawyers f*$#@ up things more than the artist. Just keep playin’
    God Bless,
    from sunny Las Vegas

  5. john sluszny says:

    Kent,you’re a great musician.Too bad about the GJ thing.I love your piano playing and your musical skill.
    John Sluszny from Brussels Belgium.

  6. jan says:

    kent you are a awsome musician,god has a better plan for you,stay strong and move foward…God bless

  7. Kim Field Przybyl says:

    I’m sorry for the stress your GJ experienced has caused. As someone once comforted me…when God closes a door, he opens a window! You’re on your way to a new adventure!

  8. Bobby J. says:


    Hope all is well, Brother! If you need anything from Texas, give me a shout.

    Everything, but everything happens for a reason.
    When one door closes TWO more will open for you and Tom!

  9. Ron Vogel says:

    Great web sight .
    Thanks for the heads up, it’s going to happen.

    Look forward to hearing more of your music this year.
    Thanks for all the past business.
    I’ll check back soon
    Ron Vogel

  10. John "Sarge" Paolucci says:

    Mr Kent! Your faith, talent and love for music will always pull you through! A great man and a great friend I found in you. Folks at the Bitter End are still a-talkin about that Nashville Piano Player, and that New Yawk harmonica guy!! God bless you brother.

  11. Kim Przybyl says:

    Great website, Kent. Anxious to see your studio when it’s completed!

  12. ray seabaugh says:

    liked both demo had a great time looking over youre site ray

  13. donnie hendrix says:

    Hi Kent,

    I wish you a merry christmas. Say hello to anyone who ask.God bless you lets get some songs cut. I NEED NEW HARPS 🙂


  14. Margaret Brown says:

    Loved the Backyard song!

  15. william gramse says:

    love this page Kent. Need to get together with you and Angie to set one up for us at Ninja. AWESOME !!!!!!!!

  16. Laurie Breeckner says:

    “Among the Clouds” resonated strongly to me, beautiful in the depth of the lyrics as well as the vocalist. Everything fell together in perfect harmony. It is a soul soothing song and I enjoyed visiting your website Kent.

  17. dave tucker. says:

    loved your song i can see beter with the son in my eyes.also ron gaddis tribute to george jones.the son has you in his eyes, god bless

  18. Doug Dunn says:

    Kent it was a real treat singing a couple songs with you and the band at John A’s last Saturday night. Thanks for the years of great music you have given us!

  19. Jody Babeck says:

    Hello happen to be trolling around the Web I’m Sheldon s brother I met you at John as place reading your biography I also play piano guitars and percussion I also sing we recorded a record that week at willie rainsford s studio I notice you have a studio perhaps we could record another and try your studio it was good meeting you people are friendly there I’m up in North dakota but might be moving your way cold up here now Nov 17th anyways perhaps will meet again thankyou.

  20. Leigh Wilt Clary says:

    I googled you and was so happy to see that you are doing what you love! Best wishes for open doors and continued success…….

  21. Manuel says:

    Really nice songs on here!

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